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Today, more than ever, Certified Financial Planners are an essential partner in financial planning. Read more about the benefits of working with a CFP® professionals here.


John Goott, CFP®, AIF®


"I believe in being respectful but very direct and collaborative with clients, always recognizing they ultimately make their own choices. Financial planning can create financial independence. Wealth is a privilege that should...

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Daniel Goott, CFP®, CIMA®


"Financial planning is about listening to people and trying to understand where they are coming from. I love learning about clients, their lives, their views, and their families, and then putting together what I know to help them do the...

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Doug Garrison, CFP®

Senior Wealth Advisor

"Throughout my professional life, I've found it very satisfying to help people take charge of their affairs. Financial planning makes it possible for our clients to have choices to focus on what's important to them, with greater...

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Mark J. Grenader, JD,CPA*/PFS℠

Senior Financial Planner

"Every day brings the opportunity for new challenges and learning as we sort through, guide, and organize the sometimes chaotic financial lives of our clients. I relish that over time I can help bring peace of mind and trust to my clients."

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Matt Doyle, CFP®

Financial Planner

"Working with clients as a financial planner gives me a window into their goals. Throughout our lives, however, aspirations change, as do a myriad of factors beyond our control. A comprehensive financial plan, updated...

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Charles McRae

Associate Wealth Advisor

“People my age tend to think financial planning means penny pinching and budgeting the fun out of life. I couldn’t disagree more. I see planning as a way to understand what is most important to you and putting your finances...

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Julie Banda

Senior Client Services Associate

“Planning is the foundation for each service that we provide and each decision we make.”

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Traci Diedrich

Operations and Client Relationship Manager

"Early in my career, someone told me, 'A plan without implementation is just a hallucination.' That simple statement resonated with me then, and continues to do so today. Personal plans or financial plans...

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Candice Frank

Client Services Associate

"Financial security is an important reminder to be grateful and live life well every day. I strive to make sure my family is protected and enjoy helping our clients find that same peace of mind in planning for retirement...

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Sue Goott


"The accounting work I do remains behind the scenes, for the most part, and that's the way it should be. I'm happy to help keep the focus on our clients' financial plans by making sure accounting issues don't get in the way."...

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