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How and Why We Invest the Way We Do.

Part 1- Your Money

Major U.S. stock indices hit new highs earlier this year. Your Investec portfolio didn’t quite keep pace.

"Why?" we hear you ask.

Our answer, in one word, is "diversification."

Investment Series Part 1

Part 2- US Stocks

We continue our weekly series about why and how we invest the way we do with a piece on U.S. stocks. 

Investment Series Part 2

Part 3- Bonds

We're continuing a series of articles for clients about why and how we invest your money. This week's piece deals with bonds. You may think they're boring or complicated, but we think they have a place in most client portfolios.

Investment Series Part 3

Part 4- EAFE stocks

Concerned that your Investec portfolio hasn't kept up with the S&P 500 or the NASDAQ index this year? Worried about how your portfolio should be positioned in view of this month's volatility in the global stock markets? 

Investment Series Part 4

Part 5- EM stocks

Recent ups and downs in the stock market may have heightened your interest in how we're investing your money.We've been running a series for clients about why and how we invest the way we do. Part Five, focusing on investing in emerging market stocks can be accessed by clicking below:

Investment Series Part 5

Part 6- Alternatives

The sixth and final installment of our series about how and why we invest the way we do focuses on how we help clients avoid making big mistakes. Investors sometimes make little mistakes which often times can be fixed, or lived with. Big investment mistakes, on the other hand, are much more consequential. Our job is to help ensure our clients don't make big mistakes. 
Alternative investments are intended to reduce the ups and downs associated with traditional portfolios while delivering reasonable returns uncorrelated with stocks and bonds.  It's not exactly "belts-and-suspenders," but the metaphor has some applicability.  Learn what alternative investments are and why we use them in most of our portfolios.

Investment Series Part 6