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Who We Help

After more than 30 years of providing wealth management services, we find those who benefit the most from a relationship with Investec generally share some common characteristics. These include a willingness to accept help, a desire for simplification, and a disposition toward establishing an open and long-term relationship with a trusted advisor.

The majority of our clients fall into one of the following categories:

Professionals Approaching Or Already In Retirement

Many are concerned about whether they can afford to retire or can sustain their standard of living with the resources they've accumulated. Others want help in ensuring that they make no big mistakes as they shift from building up their wealth to depending upon it.

Women In Transition

Life happens, often unexpectedly: divorce, death of a spouse, a sudden inheritance, sale of a business, loss of a job and a severance package. If you're not used to managing your finances and suddenly face a significant financial responsibility, finding a trusted advisor who can help you navigate through unchartered territory becomes important.

401(k) Plans

Prudence is determined by fiduciary conduct, not investment performance.  We understand the need to establish and follow a documented investment process for your company’s 401(k) plan. 

We can help ensure that this process is in accordance with established prudent investment practices and guidelines, which require independent, objective evaluation of plan investments.  This enables your company’s investment committee members to make informed investment decisions that serve the best interests of plan participants.  Consequently, the risk of personal liability attributable to plan fiduciaries can be reduced.