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Focus On What’s Important and Avoid Costly Mistakes

True wealth management is a comprehensive, integrated process. It blends various aspects of life planning into a cohesive strategy designed to achieve your most important goals, objectives, and dreams. We also help you avoid the critical financial mistakes that can deprive you of a comfortable retirement or limit your legacy. By looking at your affairs from tax, legal, financial, and risk management perspectives, we help identify hidden risks and pursue opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked.

Our firm provides ongoing support to keep you on track and take care of the details so that you can relax, knowing that you have an experienced team of professionals taking care of your financial life. We also leverage cutting-edge technology to offer an interactive online personal portal that organizes your entire financial life in one place for simple, easy access 24/7.

Our Comprehensive Wealth Management Services Include the Following:

Investment Management

Successful investment portfolios are built using a strategic, long-term approach. But investors should also be alert to when markets are acting irrationally, when greed and fear sometimes take over. On such occasions, a few right moves can make a big difference.

Our disciplined approach leads us to look for value in stock and bond markets throughout the world, and to identify best-in-class managers for specific asset classes. We view portfolio management as a dynamic process, calling for constant attention and periodic adjustment at the margin to enhance returns and control risk.

Retirement Planning

We define retirement as having financial independence, being able to make choices: choices about how you spend your time and on what you choose to focus your energies.

We'll engage you in a candid discussion about your goals and help you inventory your assets. We'll process that information and create a customized financial road map for you. And we'll help you assess the probability of success, not just initially, but periodically over the course of your lifetime, making adjustments as appropriate.

Estate Planning

Designing appropriate estate planning strategies is challenging, given multiple gifting objectives, a variety of assets, unique family circumstances, and uncertainty about the future.

Estate planning can be complex, but not planning, frankly, can be irresponsible. We can assist in developing a personal estate plan that reduces or eliminates estate taxes, considers the use of trusts, and incorporates gifting strategies. We will also review beneficiary designations for tax-qualified plans and insurance to ensure they are consistent with your estate planning goals. We work closely with your estate attorney to assure legal, financial, and personal perspectives are all taken into account in devising your estate plan.

Income Tax Strategies

Smart financial plans take taxes into consideration. You may have investments in tax-free, tax-deferred, and/or taxable accounts. Coordinating investments and distributions, harvesting losses as appropriate, approaching asset allocation from a household perspective—these strategies can all impact taxes.

We work with clients and their accountants to structure and manage portfolios in a tax-effective manner. Our holistic approach to wealth management enables us to find opportunities, avoiding pitfalls that might otherwise result in more taxes than necessary.

Insurance Planning

Assessing the need for insurance requires an understanding not only of the various risks one faces, but also of one's capacity to self-insure.

We review your insurance needs and evaluate existing coverage. We can help you decide if life insurance might be a suitable vehicle to meet specific goals such as providing income for family members or helping with estate settlement. We can also review long term care insurance alternatives with you, as the possibility of encountering such costs late in life is often a realistic concern.

Education Funding

Funding a college education for a loved one is generally the largest purchase parents will make, aside from buying a home.

With college costs high and rising, parents or grandparents need to begin the college savings process early, and develop plans to reach the goal. We can help estimate future costs and address several tax-advantaged approaches for generating funds to help with college expenses.

The Next Generation

The financial services world can be very confusing for younger investors. Getting sound advice without a certain level of wealth can be a challenge. That's why our service doesn't stop with you.

We help the next generations of investors build stronger financial futures through customized advice for every stage of life. Whether they need help budgeting or want to begin investing to work towards their own comfortable retirement, our team can help your adult children identify and pursue their financial goals.

401(k) Fiduciary Services

Prudence is determined by fiduciary conduct, not investment performance.  We understand the need to establish and follow a documented investment process for your company’s 401(k) plan.   

We can help ensure that this process is in accordance with established prudent investment practices and guidelines, which require independent, objective evaluation of plan investments.  This enables your company’s investment committee members to make informed investment decisions that serve the best interests of plan participants.  Consequently, the risk of personal liability attributable to plan fiduciaries can be reduced.